MSTL Monitoring System for Tension Force

"MSTL" Monitoring system for tension level of containment tendons.

"MSTL" monitoring system for tension level of containment tendons is designed to provide measurements and monitoring the stress level of the tendons tension level in the containment prestressing system of VVER-1200 type reactor plants both during its commissioning and later throughout the entire service life of NPP.

The purpose of creating MSTL is to improve the reliability of containment prestressing system operation at NPP power units and, as a result, to enhance the level of nuclear and radiation safety of power units.

The principle of operation is based on measuring physical quantities (by primary transducers), converting them into electrical signals, converting the signals into digital codes and transmitting them to the workstation that processes measurement results, accumulates, stores and outputs information for further use.

The sensor-string signal converter transforms analog signal into digital code. The received data is sent to programmable server and transmitted to the workstation. The software processes received information and displays the results of force (tension) measurement and control on the monitor.

MSTL consists of the following components (for one power unit):

  • workstation
  • PSI-02 force transducers, consisting of: PSD-S-01 sensor-string signal converters, DS-03 force modules, including 12 force measuring sensors
  • junction boxes (SB)
  • cable set
  • switchboard of measuring transducers
  • software package

The system software has the following functionality:

  • control of the system operation in the operating mode and in the calibration mode
  • diagnostics of the system measuring channels
  • monitoring of the system configuration
  • automatic retrieval of information from PSI-02 with registration of the measurement time
  • calculation of the tendons tension forces based on the information sent from PSI-02
  • creation and storage of databases information arrays containing information about the state of the containment prestressing system
  • updating and supplementing databases on request
  • issuance of various reports (reference information) on the system operation for the operation period specified by the operator (selected measurement, day, month, quarter, year); at the operator's request
  • display of pop-up messages about the status of the software and KOI operation
  • issuance of reports (reference information) on the system operation for the period specified by the operator

Main technical characteristics of the system:

Technical SpecificationsValue
Operating measurement range of the tendon tension forcefrom 3 to 15,0 МН
Number of measuring channels in the system max.8
Limits of the permissible reduced error of the system measuring channel in the operating temperature range from -10 °C to +60 °C±2,0+0,02t
Retention period of the system metrological characteristics, min.60 years
Information exchange with PSI-02 is carried out via the standard interfaceRS-485
Service lifemin., years
Sensor-string signal converter15
DS-03 Force module60

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