"Tightness" System

"Tightness" Information and Measurement System

"Tightness" Information and Measurement System is designed to measure temperature, relative humidity, overpressure, rarefaction and absolute air pressure, in order to control leakage of the medium from the NPP reactor plant containment during its strength and tightness tests.

The system is used both during pre-commissioning tests of the containment and its periodic operational tests.

The principle of operation is based on measurements (by primary transducers) of physical parameters, converting them into electrical signals, converting the signals (by information exchange controller) into a digital code and transmitting them to the workstation PC that processes and displays measurement results, accumulates, stores, and outputs information for further use.

Functionally, the system consists of measuring channels for temperature, relative humidity, overpressure and rarefication, and absolute air pressure.

System consists of:

  • workstation
  • KOI information exchange measuring controller
  • switch cabinet
  • SP-01 resistance temperature transducers -104 pcs.
  • pressure gages (type depending on modification according to the order) - 3 pcs.
  • BRS-1M-2 network main barometer
  • ROSA-10A temperature and humidity transducers - 8 pcs.
  • set of cable products
  • software

Measuring channels include the following primary transducers:

  • SP-01 resistance temperature transducers (registration number 20261-00 in the Federal Information Fund for Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements (hereinafter- FIF EUM))
  • ROSA-10A temperature and humidity measuring transducers (registration number 27728-09 in the FIF EUM)
  • Metran-150TG2 pressure gages (registration number 32854-13 in the FIF EUM)
  • Metran-100-DI-1151 pressure gages (registration number 22235-01 in the FIF EUM)
  • AIR-20/M2-N-DIV pressure transducers (registration number 63044-16 in the FIF EUM)
  • BRS-1M-2 network main barometer (registration number 16006-97 in the FIF EUM)

System software provides for implementation of the following functions:

  • continuous diagnostics of components in the information exchange controller
  • input of the source data and its editing
  • configuring MC
  • retrieval of information with recording the measurement time
  • processing of measurement results
  • saving measurement results in the database
  • generating reports on measurement results
  • plotting graphs based on measured parameters
  • registration of events during the system operation
  • displaying pop-up messages about the status of software and KOI operation
  • issuance of reports (reference information) on the system operation for the period specified by operator
  • calculating daily leakage and its calculation error
  • calculating the amount of leakage (mass removal) of the air medium from the containment for the measured period of time

Technical Specifications

Number of MC (air temperature), pcs.from 1 to 104 *
Number of MC (relative air humidity), pcs.from 1 to 8 *
Number of MC (overpressure and rarefication of air), pcs.from 1 to 3 *
Number of MC (absolute air pressure), pcs.1
Electrical power supply parameters:
– AC voltage, Vfrom 187 to 242
– AC frequency, Hzfrom 48 to 52
Overall sizes (L×W×H), mm, max.:
– WS680×680×1700
– KOI (excluding brackets, joints, and ventilation grids)600×250×800
– switch cabinet600×300×2000
Weight, kg, max.:
– WS180
– KOI55
– switch cabinet130
Normal conditions:
– ambient air (or medium) temperature, °Cfrom +15 to +25 according to PT type description
– relative air humidity at 25 °C, %from 30 to 80
– atmospheric pressure, kPa (mmHg))from 84,0 to 106,0 (from 630 to 795)
Operating conditions of use:
– ambient air (or medium) temperature, °C:
– WS, KOI and switch cabinet installed beyond the containment of power unitfrom +10 to +35
– PT installed beyond the containment of power unitfrom +15 to +35
– PT installed in the containment of power unitfrom +15 to +60
– relative air humidity at 25 °C, %to 80
– atmospheric pressure, kPa (mmHg))from 84,0 to 106,7
(from 630 to 800)
– no impact on the PT ofvibration;
high humidity;
electromagnetic interference, permanent magnetic fields (except for the Earth field) and (or) variable fields of the network (industrial) frequency with the voltage of
up to 400 A / m;
smooth deviation of supply voltage from the minimum to maximum value
Note: * the total number of measuring channels is up to 116 pcs.

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