"Strain" System

"Strain" Information and Measurement System

"Strain" information and measurement system provides reliable continuous condition monitoring of the polar crane track beams and support consoles; measuring, processing and outputting information about the magnitude of stress-strain state in the support structures; recording the relative strain of support structures during the polar crane operation and evaluating the maximum strain.

System includes the following elements:

  • workstation
  • switchboard of measuring transducers
  • strain gage transducers (PDI)
  • junction boxes (KK)
  • set of cables
  • system software

PDI are used in measuring systems designed to monitor the current values of relative strain of the polar crane track beams and support consoles during operation of the NPP power unit.

PDI structurally consists of string strain gages (maximum number - 6 pcs.), a secondary measuring transducer and cables connecting strain gages and the secondary measuring transducer.

String strain gages are rigidly mounted in critical cross-sections on the beams and support consoles of the polar crane track at the NPP power unit.

System software is designed to perform the following functions:

  • automatic retrieval of sensor readings with measurement time recording
  • cyclic collection of information with the possibility to change the cycle time
  • diagnostics of measurement channels
  • monitoring of the system configuration
  • system calibration
  • processing of measurement results and preparation of reports
  • real-time data visualization
  • creating measurements database
  • output of various reports on the system operation for the period specified by the operator

Technical Specifications

Temperature measurement range, °Cfrom 0 to 100
Absolute temperature measurement error, °C, max.0.2
Relative humidity measurement range, %from 0 to 98
Absolute measurement error of relative humidity, %, max.2
Measuring ranges of overpressure, Mpafrom 0 to 0,6
Rarefication measurement range, Mpafrom 0 to 0,1
Relative error of overpressure and rarefication measurement (vs. the upper limit of measurement),%, max.±0,1

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