"AMC 11827" Measuring System

"AMC 11827" Measuring System

"AMC 11834" system for measuring the stress-strain state in the support structure components of the polar crane track in NPP reactor compartment (hereinafter - the System) provides for reliable continuous monitoring over the state of the polar crane track beams and support consoles; and also for measuring, processing and output of information about the magnitude of stress – strain state in the support structures of the crane track; recording the relative strain in the support structures during operation of the polar crane and evaluating the maximum strain.

System consists of:

  • workstation
  • information exchange controller (KOI)
  • strain-gage transducers (PDI), consisting of sensor signal converters (PSD-S) and strain gages
  • junction boxes (SB)
  • cable set
  • system software

System software performs the following functions:

  • control of the system operation in the operating mode and in the calibration mode
  • system configuration control
  • diagnostics of information retrieval channels
  • automatic retrieval of information from the strain- gage transducers with the registration of measurement time and the calculation of relative strain
  • creation and storage of information arrays in databases containing data about the stress-strain state of support structures
  • update and supplement of databases upon requests
  • issuance of various reports (reference information) on the system operation for the operation period specified by the operator (selected measurement, day, month, quarter, year) at the operator's request

Technical Characteristics:

Max. number of measuring channels in the system384
Limits of the measurement permissible reduced error for the measuring channel relative strain in the operating temperature range±3 %
Retention period of the system metrological characteristics (with subsequent confirmation), min.10 years
Upper limit of the measuring channel relative deformation measurements700 ppm'1
Information exchange with the strain-gage transducer is carried out via the standard interface RS-485
Service life: min., years:
information exchange controller15
sensor signal converter15
strain gage30

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