Complex of CM systems

Complex of Containment Monitoring Systems (CCMS)

The complex of containment monitoring systems (CCMS) is designed to monitor the condition of containment at NPP power units during commissioning, after repair, and continuously throughout the entire service life of NPP. CCMS provides for monitoring of the containment stress-strain state, the temperature of the containment building structures during design basis accidents and overpressure tests.

The purpose of creating CCMS is to improve the operation reliability of NPP containment monitoring systems and, as a result, to enhance the level of nuclear and radiation safety of power units through modernization of the systems.

CCMS developed by "Kontrolpribor" JSC, is a new generation of equipment, as it applies state-of-the-art high-tech solutions that assure high reliability and long period of NPP operation. The development is an innovation, it incorporates several systems that can work both in a complex and separately.

High-tech nature of the solution is in the fact that:

  • expert system allows you to compare data obtained from the sensors of measuring instruments of the systems that are part of CCMS, to their limit values. The comparison result is displayed on the workstation monitor. This solution allows you to obtain promptly information about the maximum permissible values of the containment elements’ stress-strain state, which enhances the reliability of NPP
  • information that comes from the systems that are part of CMS complex is sent to the workstation. Based on this information, the monitor of workstation, using expert system, displays a complete view of the containment stress-strain state at NPP power unit. Automatic provision of complete information on the workstation monitor minimizes the time required for analyzing the containment stress-strain state, which in turn improves the reliability of NPP operation
  • self-diagnostics of the CMS complex, with audible annunciation, allows quickly to get information about the failure of the systems’ elements – components of the complex, which improves the safety of NPP
CCMS promptly processes information received from the sensors of local systems and outputs measurement results in the form of reports, reference information, graphs of the containment parameters in real time.

CCMS provides for:

  • tendons’ tension force measurement of the containment prestressing system (CPS) in VVER-1000 type of reactor plants
  • monitoring and evaluation of stress-strain state in NPP reactor plant containment through measuring temperature, force (tension), linear strain, linear motions
  • determination of air leakage amount in various places of NPP containment during its pre-commissioning tests, also during periodic operational tests
  • monitoring the current values of relative strain in the support consoles and beams of the polar crane track during the operation of NPP power unit

CCMS includes the following systems:

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